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Permission to Kill (Warner 1975, Dirk Bogarde, Ava Gardner)



In Permission To Kill, intelligence agent Alan Curtis (Dirk Bogarde) plots the downfall of Third World political leader Alexander Diakim (Bekim Fehmiu).

The Monthly Film Bulletin called it a ‘pretentious political mishmash.’

production details
UK | Warner – Sascha | 93 minutes | 1975

Writer: Robin Estridge, from his novel
Director: Cyril Frankel
Director of Photography: Freddie Young
Composer: Richard Rodney Bennett

Dirk Bogarde as Alan Curtis
Ava Gardner as Katina Petersen
Bekim Fehmiu as Alexander Diakim
Timothy Dalton as Charles Lord
Nicole Calfan as Melissa Lascade
Frederic Forrest as Scott Allison
Klaus Wildbolz as Muller