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Play Dirty (1969, Michael Caine, Harry Andrews)



British captain Michael Caine leads a band of mercenaries into the North African desert to blow up an oil depot behind enemy lines, and must contend not only with the rumblings of mutiny within the ranks but also with double-dealings by the British high command. Grim war drama with good performances.

Play Dirty was the first produced feature film screenplay written in part by novelist and TV producer Melvyn Bragg. A familiar face from his many TV interviews with writers, filmmakers and actors (as host of the long running South Bank Show), Bragg is less well known for his screenplays, which also include The Music Lovers (1971) and Jesus Christ Superstar (1973).

production details
USA – UK | United Artists | 118 minutes | 1969

Director: Andre de Toth
Producer: Harry Saltzman
Director of Photography: Edward Scaife
Editors: Alan Osbiston, Jack Slade
Composer: Michel Legrand
Script: Melvyn Bragg, Lotte Colin
Art Director: Tom Morahan

Nigel Davenport as Capt. Cyril Leech
Michael Caine as Capt. Douglas
Harry Andrews as Brig. Blore
Nigel Green as Col. Masters
Daniel Pilon as Capt. Allwood (Blore’s adjutant at Special Forces HQ)
Patrick Jordan as Maj. Alan Watkins