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Poison Pen (ABPC 1939, Flora Robson, Robert Newton)



In sparkling thriller Poison Pen a whole village is targeted by a writer of poison pen letters. It seems nobody is safe and soon the accusations are starting to have a major effect on peoples lives. Matters take a turn for the worse when the young woman who is thought to be behind the letters commits suicide, however the letters continue…

A fabulous cast full of great character names, interestingly Wilfred Hyde-White who plays the small role of the postman is billed simply as Hyde White.

production details
Country: UK | Associated British Picture Corp | 75 minutes
Release Year: 1939

Screenplay: William Freshman, Doreen Montgomery
Additional Dialogue: Esther McCracken, N.C. Hunter
Play: Richard Llewellyn
Photography: Philip Tannura
Production Design: Cedric Dawe
Editor: Flora Newton
Producer: Walter C Mycroft
Director: Paul L Stein

Flora Robson as Mary Rider
Robert Newton as Sam Hurrin
Ann Todd as Ann Rider
Wilfrid Hyde-White as George Price, the Postman
Cyril Chamberlain as Peter Cashelton
Wally Patch as Mr. Albert Suggs
Megs Jenkins as Barmaid
Kenneth Connor as Boy in Post Office
Esma Cannon as Mrs Warren
Beatrice Varley as Mrs. Jenkins
Edward Chapman as Len Griffin
Geoffrey Toone as David
Reginald Tate as Rev. John Rider
Belle Chrystall as Sucal Hurrin
Edward Rigby as Badham
Athole Stewart as Colonel Cashelton
Mary Hinton as Mrs. Cashelton
Catherine Lacey as Connie Fateley
Ella Retford as Mrs. Suggs
Jean Clyde as Mrs. Griffin
Marjorie Rhodes as Mrs. Scaife
Empsie Bowman as Harbord
Eileen Beldon as Miss Reynolds
Laurence Kitchin as Shop Assistant
Charles Mortimer as Inspector Colclough
Merle Tottenham as Mrs. Kemp
Roddy Hughes as Handwriting Expert
Roddy McDowall as Choirboy
Peter Murray-Hill as
Norman Pierce as Village Policeman