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Possessed (Warner 1947, Joan Crawford, Van Heflin)



An emotionally unstable woman (Joan Crawford) is torn between two men. Her obsession compels her to marry the one she doesn’t love (Raymond Massey), and to kill the man she does (Van Heflin). Brooks made her charming film debut.

To prepare for the role of a schizophrenic in Possessed, Joan Crawford spent six weeks visiting mental hospitals, observing patients and interviewing their psychiatrists.

Academy Award Nomination for Best Actress: Joan Crawford.

production details
USA | Warner Bros. | 108 minutes | 1947

Director: Curtis Bernhardt
Producer: Jerry Wald
Director of Photography: Joseph A. Valentine
Editing: Rudi Fehr
Music:Franz Waxman
Script: Silvia Richards
Production Design: Anton Grot

Erskine Sanford as Dr. Sherman – Graham’s physician at inquest
John Ridgely as Chief investigator of drowning
Joan Crawford as Louise Howell
Stanley Ridges as Dr. Willard
Moroni Olsen as Dr. Ames – Mrs. Smith’s psychiatrist
Rory Mallinson as Coroner’s assistant
Van Heflin as David Sutton
Raymond Massey as Dean Graham
Geraldine Brooks as Carol Graham
Peter Miles as Wynn Graham
Jakob Gimpel as Walter Sveldon – pianist
Isabel Withers as Nurse Rosen
Lisa Golm as Elsie – Graham’s maid in DC
Douglas Kennedy as District Attorney at inquest
Monte Blue as Norris – lake house caretaker
Don McGuire as Dr. Craig – Dr. Willard’s asst.
Clifton Young as Intern
Griff Barnett as Coroner