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Presidio, The (Paramount 1988, Sean Connery, Mark Harmon)



Mark Harmon plays a San Francisco detective investigating the murder of a female MP. His case brings him to the Presidio, a military base run by a hardheaded Lieutenant Colonel (Sean Connery), an old nemesis of the detective. Their tense working relationship is further strained when the detective falls for the Lieutenant Colonel’s sexy daughter (Meg Ryan). Intense chase scenes effectively employ the hilly San Francisco streets.

While making The Presidio, Sean Connery appeared in a cameo playing himself in the comedy Memories of Me (1988). Connery appears in the latter film wearing his military costume from this movie.

production details
USA | Paramount | 97 minutes | 1988

Director: Peter Hyams
Producer: D. Constantine Conte
Director of Photography: Peter Hyams
Editor: James Mitchell
Composer: Bruce Broughton
Screenwriter: Larry Ferguson
Production Designer: Albert Brenner

Sean Connery as Lt. Col. Alan Caldwell
Mark Harmon as Jay Austin
Meg Ryan as Donna Caldwell
Jack Warden as Sgt. Maj. Ross Maclure
Jenette Goldstein as Patti Jean Lynch
Mark Blum as Arthur Peale
Dana Gladstone as Col. Lawrence
Don Calfa as Howard Buckely
Patrick Kilpatrick as Mark