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Pretty Maids All in a Row (MGM 1971, Rock Hudson, Angie Dickinson)



Director Roger Vadim came to Hollywood with this mordant black comedy starring Rock Hudson as a high school counselor who takes female students to bed and later murders them.

Pretty Maids All In A Row was the first screenplay written and produced by Gene Roddenberry after the cancellation of his hugely popular Star Trek (1966) TV series. James Doohan (Scotty) appears in a supporting role.

production details
USA | MGM | 91 minutes | 1971

Director: Roger Vadim
Producer: Gene Roddenberry
Director of Photography: Charles Rosher Jr.
Editing: Bill Brame
Music: Lalo Schifrin
Script: Gene Roddenberry
Production Design: George W. Davis

Rock Hudson as Michael ‘Tiger’ McDrew
Telly Savalas as Captain Sam Surcher
Angie Dickinson as Miss Betty Smith
Barbara Leigh as Jean McDrew
Keenan Wynn as Chief John Poldaski
William Campbell as Grady
Topo Swope as Other Pretty Maids
Brenda Sykes as Pamela Wilcox
Roddy McDowall as Mr. Proffer
John David Carson as Ponce de Leon Harper
James Doohan as Follo
Susan Tolsky as Miss Harriet Craymire
Gretchen Parsons Carpenter as Marjorie
Aimée Eccles as Hilda Lee
JoAnna Cameron as Yvonne Millick
Margaret Markov as Polly
June Fairchild as Sonny Swangle
Joy Bang as Rita
Diane Sherry as Sheryl
Philip Brown as Jim Green
Mark Malmborg as Dink
Kyle Johnson as Dave
Warren Seabury as Harold
Gary Tigerman as Boy #1
Tim Ray as Boy #2
Alberto Isaac as Boy #3
Dawn Roddenberry as Girl #1
Stephanie Mizrahi as Tiger’s Daughter
Larry Marmorstein as T.V. Reporter
Judy Michie as Other Pretty Maids
Diane Lambert as Other Pretty Maids
Adriana Bentley as Other Pretty Maids
Joyce Williams as Other Pretty Maids
Chris Woodley as Other Pretty Maids
Fredricka Meyers as Other Pretty Maids
Linda Morand as Other Pretty Maids
Orville Sherman as Pastor
Jomarie Ward as Gym Teacher
Otis Greene as Police Doctor
Guy Remsen as 1st Board Member
Joe Quinn as 2nd Board Member
Estrellita Rania as Hilda’s Mother(Mrs. Lee)
Sharon Douglas as