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Prince and the Showgirl, The (Warner 1957, Laurence Olivier, Marilyn Monroe)



In London for the 1911 Coronation of George V, an American chorus girl (Marilyn Monroe) meets the Prince of Carpathia (Laurence Olivier). The differences in class and upbringing make for an intriguing sexual tension and a winning romantic comedy. Monroe financed the production and Olivier directed in what would be a surprisingly fruitful collaboration between a great light comedienne and the world’s most renowned actor.

Tensions on the set of The Prince and the Showgirl between Olivier and Monroe though often threatened to undermine the production. But the successful result is a testament to the talent of the cast and crew.

production details
USA – UK | Warner Bros. | 115 minutes | 1957

Producer and Director: Laurence Olivier
Director of Photography: Jack Cardiff
Editing: Jack Harris
Music: Richard Addinsell
Script: Terence Rattigan

Laurence Olivier as The Regent
Marilyn Monroe as Elsie
Gladys Henson as Dresser
Richard Wattis as Northbrook
Jeremy Spenser as King Nicolas
Esmond Knight as Hoffman
Jean Kent as Maisie Springfield
Harold Goodwin as Call Boy
Maxine Audley as Lady Sunningdale
Vera Day as Betty
Sybil Thorndike as The Queen Dowager
David Horne as The Foreign Office
Charles Victor as Theatre Manager
Daphne Anderson as Fanny
Gillian Owen as Maggie
Paul Hardwick as Major Domo
Rosamund Greenwood as Maud
Andreas Malandrinos as Valet with Violin
Margot Lister as Lottie
Aubrey Dexter as The Ambassador
Dennis Edwards as Head Valet