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Prince of the City (1981, Treat Williams, Jerry Orbach)



Director Sidney Lumet’s powerful police drama (based on a true story) stars Treat Williams as a New York City detective who agrees to help the Department of Justice get the goods on corruption in his own precinct. Sniffing out a conspiracy involving drugs, Williams blows the miscreants’ cover, and in so doing, breaks the NYPD’s code of silence and becomes a pariah. Williams and Jerry Orbach (playing a fellow cop) are excellent; Lumet and Jay Presson Allen won an Oscar nomination for their screenplay.

Prince of the City’s Treat Williams was born Richard Williams; he took his unusual stage name from an ancestor on his mother’s side, Robert Treat Payne, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

production details
USA | 167 minutes | 1981

Director: Sidney Lumet
Producers: Burtt Harris, Ray Hartwick
Director of Photography: Andrzej Bartkowiak
Editor: John J. Fitzstephens
Music: Paul Chihara
Script: Sidney Lumet, Jay Presson Allen
Production Design: Tony Walton

Treat Williams as Daniel Ciello
Jerry Orbach as Gus Levy
Richard Foronjy as Joe Marinaro
Don Billett as Bill Mayo
Carmine Caridi as Gino Mascone
Kenny Marino as Dom Bando
Tony Page as Detective Raf Alvarez
Norman Parker as Assistant U.S. Atty. Rick Cappalino
Paul Roebling as Assistant U.S. Atty. Brooks Paige
Bob Balaban as Santimassino
James Tolkan as Assistant U.S. Atty. George Polito
Steve Inwood as Assistant U.S. Atty. Mario Vincente
Lindsay Crouse as Carla Ciello
Matthew Laurance as Ronnie Ciello
Tony Turco as Socks Ciello
Ronald Maccone as Nick Napoli
Bruce Willis as Extra (uncredited)