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Prince Who Was a Thief, The (Universal 1951, Tony Curtis, Betty Garde)



This exotic Arabian adventure centers on young Julna (Tony Curtis), whose rightful position on the throne has been usurped by a criminal named Yussef (Everett Sloane). Yussef then raised Julna to be a street thief, but the boy yearns to reclaim his throne and sets out to do so with the aid of Tina (Piper Laurie), the girl he loves. Director Rudolph Mate keeps the colorful adventure moving at a fast pace.

Rudolph Mate began his career in Europe as a cinematographer where he worked on such classic films as The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928) and Vampyr (1932).

production details
USA | Universal | 88 minutes | 1951

Director: Rudoloh Mate
Producer: Leonard Goldstein
Original Story: Theodore Dreiser
Cinematography: Irving Glassberg
Editor: Edward Curtiss
Music: H. J. Salter
Script: Gerald Drayson Adams, Aeneas MacKenzie

Tony Curtis as Julna
Betty Garde as Mirza
Peggie Castle as Princess Yasmin
Jeff Corey as Emir Mokar
Everett Sloane as Yussef
Piper Laurie as Tina