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Princess Caraboo (1994, Jim Broadbent, Phoebe Cates)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

In 1817 England, a mysterious young woman appears speaking a foreign tongue and is soon arrested for begging. A good-intentioned but opportunistic British pair (Broadbent, Hughes) takes her in, believing her to be a kidnapped Pacific island princess. Not everyone agrees, of course.

Especially skeptical are a local reporter (Rea) and a studious professor (Lithgow). And they may be right. The cinematography (by Freddie Francis, The Elephant Man (1980) makes the United Kingdom locations come alive.

Princess Caraboo was loosely based on an actual incident in which a young woman was found wandering the English countryside in the early 19th century and taken in by a British Lord and his family.

production details
UK | 97 minutes | 1994

Director: Michael Austin
Producers: Simon Bosanquet, Andrew Karsch
Director of Photography: Freddie Francis
Editor: George Akers
Music: Richard Hartley
Script: Michael Austin, John Wells
Production Design: Michael Howells

Jim Broadbent as Mr. Worrall
Phoebe Cates as Princess Caraboo / Mary Baker
Kevin Kline as Frixos
Stephen Rea as Gutch
John Lithgow as Professor Wilkinson
Wendy Hughes as Mrs. Worrall
Kate Ashfield as Ella