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Prisoner of Zenda, The (MGM 1952, Stewart Granger, Deborah Kerr)



Remake of the 1937 film about a commoner (Stewart Granger) who fills in for the king in his coronation ceremony because the king has been kidnapped by revolutionaries. Stone, cast as an elderly cardinal, starred in the 1922 version.

This later version of The Prisoner of Zenda is an almost shot for shot remake of the 1937 version. Three silent versions of Zenda were also made, in 1913, 1915 and 1922.

production details
USA | MGM | 96 minutes | 1952

Director: Richard Thorpe
Producer: Pandro S. Berman
Original Story: Anthony Hope
Director of Photography: Joseph Ruttenberg
Editing: George Boemler
Music:Alfred Newman
Script: John L. Balderston, Noel Langley
Production Design: Cedric Gibbons, Hans Peters

Deborah Kerr as Princess Flavia
Stewart Granger as Rudolf Rassendyll / King Rudolf V
Louis Calhern as Col. Zapt
Jane Greer as Antoinette de Mauban
Lewis Stone as The Cardinal
Robert Douglas as Michael, Duke of Strelsau
Robert Coote as Fritz von Tarlenheim
Peter Brocco as Johann
Francis Pierlot as Josef
James Mason as Rupert of Hentzau