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Private Hell 36 (1954, Ida Lupino, Steve Cochran)



Don Siegel’s thriller stars Steve Cochran and Howard Duff as Cal Bruner and Jack Farnham, two cops assigned to track down $300,000 stolen in a hold-up. When nightclub singer Lilli Marlowe (Ida Lupino) turns up with a $50 bill from the raid, they’re told to shadow her and identify the man who gave it to her. They spot him, and the ensuing car chase leaves him dead and reveals a trunk stuffed full of money.

Bruner suggests they keep some but Farnham eventually decides to do the honest thing. With one of the other thieves on their trail and a partner who’s willing to turn him in, Bruner has to act fast if he’s to save his skin and the loot. Producer Collier Young, Lupino’s second husband, co-wrote the script with Lupino, while Duff was later to become Lupino’s third and final husband.

production details
USA | 81 minutes | 1954

Script: Collier Young, Ida Lupino
Producer: Collier Young
Director: Don Siegel

Kenneth Patterson as Detective Lieutenant Lubin (as Ken Patterson)
Dabbs Greer as Sam Marvin, bartender
Jimmy Hawkins as Delivery Boy
Dean Jagger as Capt. Michaels
Richard Deacon as Mr. Mace (uncredited)
Ida Lupino as Lilli Marlowe
Steve Cochran as Cal Bruner
Howard Duff as Jack Farnham
Dorothy Malone as Francey Farnham
Bridget Duff as Bridget Farnham
Jerry Hausner as Hausner, Nightclub Owner
Chris O’Brien as Coroner
George Dockstader as Fugitive
Chester Conklin as Murdered Man in Elevator (uncredited)