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Private Navy of Sgt. O’Farrell, The (1968, Bob Hope, Mako)



Soldiers on a Pacific island during WWII prompt their sergeant (Hope) to call nurses to the island to boost morale, which really needs a lift after a Japanese torpedo hits their supply of beer. The nurses that arrive are not entirely what these servicemen expected, though, in this 1960s farce. Among the nurses is a love struck woman (Diller) with her eyes set clearly on Sgt. O’Farrell. But she has competition after the sudden reappearance of a former O’Farrell flame (Lollobrigida).

Bob Hope produced The Private Navy of Sgt. O’Farrell in collaboration with NBC, which explains the company name, NAHO. The ‘NA’ is derived from NAtional Broadcasting Corporation, and the ‘HO’ is derived from Bob HOpe.

production details
USA | NAHO | 92 minutes | 1968

Director: Frank Tashlin
Producer: John Beck
Director of Photography: Alan Stensvold
Editor: Eda Warren
Music: Harry Sukman
Script: Robert M. Fresco, John L. Greene, Frank Tashlin
Production Design: Robert Kinoshita

Bob Hope as Sgt. Dan O’Farrell
Mako as Calvin Coolidge Ishimura
Phyllis Diller as Nurse Nellie Krause
Jeffrey Hunter as Lt. (J.G.) Lyman P. Jones
Mylène Demongeot as Gabby
Gina Lollobrigida as Maria (as Miss Gina Lollobrigida)
John Myhers as Lt. Comdr. Roger Snavely
Henry Wilcoxon as Rear Admiral Arthur L. Stokes
Dick Sargent as Capt. Elwood Prohaska