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Pursued (1947, Robert Mitchum, Teresa Wright)



One of Raoul Walsh’s masterpiece westerns, Pursued is often cited as the film noir of the genre. Robert Mitchum plays Jeb Rand, a man haunted by childhood memories which lead him into a bitter feud with his adoptive family, the Callums. As the violence escalates, so does his love for his adoptive sister Thorley Callum (Teresa Wright), even though he knows she wants him dead.

On their wedding night, as he awaits his death, the story of the curse that has followed him all his life is told in flashback. Mitchum’s brooding performance is matched by the magnificence of Monument Valley, where cinematographer Wong Howe captures the menacing shadows that seem to presage tragedy.

production details
USA | 101 minutes | 1947

Director: Raoul Walsh
Script: Niven Busch,

Robert Mitchum as Jeb
Harry Carey, Jr. as Prentice
Dean Jagger as Grant
Teresa Wright as Thor
Alan Hale as Jake Dingle
Judith Anderson as Mrs. Callum
John Rodney as Adam
Clifton Young as The Sergeant
Ernest Severn as Jeb, age 11
Charles Bates as Adam, age 11
Peggy Miller as Thor, age 10