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Queen Kong (1976, Rula Lenska, Robin Askwith)



In the truly bizarre comedy fantasy Queen Kong, a female film crew journeys to Africa where a giant ape, the Queen Kong of the title, falls in love with the crew’s male star.

You’d have to put this in something of a sub-exploitation exploitation category, it’s incredibly bad despite the number of excellent people involved.

production details
UK – France | 87 minutes | 1976

Director: Frank Agrama
Script: Fabio Piccioni, Frank Agrama, Ronald Dobrin,

Rula Lenska as Luce Habit
Carol Drinkwater as Ima Goodbody
Roger Hammond as Woolf
Robin Askwith as Ray Fay
John Clive as Comedian
Vicki Michelle as Crew Girl
Valerie Leon as Queen of the Nabongas
Linda Hayden as The Singing Nun
Chai Lee as Native Girl
Caron Gardner as Prostitute (uncredited)
Jeannette Charles as The Queen (uncredited)