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Resident Evil (2002, Milla Jovovich, James Purefoy)



Milla Jovovich plays Alice, leader of a special military unit sent into the underground bunker of the multi-national Umbrella Corporation. DNA research accidentally created a deadly virus and the central computer, the Red Queen, locked down the establishment and gassed all the workers – Alice and her team are to find out what happened and to disable the computer. But not only must they face the weaponery of the computer, they also discover the virus has re-animated the staff – as the living dead. Now they have just three hours to get to the core, disable the Red Queen and stop the virus escaping into the outside world.

Inevitably, only a handful survive in this fast-moving action/thriller/horror which is jammed with special effects, desperate fights and equally desperate flights as the survivors battle to complete their task. Jovovich, who leapt to fame in The Fifth Element and has since appeared in The Claim and Zoolander , is the all-action heroine, clad in a tight red mini-dress but she’s run close by Michelle Rodriguez ( The Fast and the Furious ). Originally, George Romero was slated to direct but when he dropped out, Anderson took over. The film, based on the popular computer game, isn’t his first such ‘adaptation’ – he also directed Mortal Kombat . The sequel, also directed by Anderson and starring Jovovich, came out last year and Anderson is scripting a third.

production details
France – UK – USA | 100 minutes | 2002

Writer and Director: Paul W S Anderson

James Purefoy as Spence
Jason Isaacs as Dr. William Birkin (uncredited)
Eric Mabius as Matt
Indra Ové as Ms. Black
Milla Jovovich as Alice
Michelle Rodriguez as Rain
Ryan McCluskey as Mr. Grey
Oscar Pearce as Mr. Red
Anna Bolt as Dr. Green
Joseph May as Dr. Blue
Robert Tannion as Dr. Brown
Heike Makatsch as Lisa
Jaymes Butler as Clarence
Stephen Billington as Mr. White
Fiona Glascott as Ms. Gold
Colin Salmon as One
Martin Crewes as Kaplan
Pasquale Aleardi as Rain
Liz May Brice as Medic
Torsten Jerabek as Commando 1
Marc Logan-Black as Commando 2
Michaela Dicker as Red Queen