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Return Of The Fly (1959, Vincent Price, Brett Halsey)



Director Edward Bernds made his name with a number of films for The Three Stooges. Turning his hand to horror, he manages to bring an element of humour to this sequel to the classic horror movie, The Fly.

Here, Phillippe Delambre (Brett Halsey) stars as the son of the scientist who had experimented with a matter transference machine and as a result had been transformed into a half human-half fly monster. Against the advice of his concerned uncle Francois (Vincent Price), Phillippe dusts off his father’s machine and begins to experiment. However, his assistant Ronald Holmes (David Frankham) is an enemy spy and he forces Phillippe into the machine and turns it on. The resulting creature is again half human-half fly which sets out to gain vengeance on Ronald and terrorise his own wife Cecile (Danielle De Metz).

Francois meanwhile, goes in search of the tiny fly with Phillippe’s head and arm, so that the man can be returned to his true form. Although similar to the plot of the original film The Fly, afficianados of horror flicks will appreciate one scene in which a man is crossed with a guinea pig and ends up dead with white paws.

production details
US A| 80 minutes | 1959

Writer and Director: Edward Bernds, based on the story by George Langelaan

John Sutton as Insp. Beecham
Dan Seymour as Max Berthold
Brett Halsey as Philippe Delambre
Vincent Price as Francois Delambre
David Frankham as Ronald Holmes, alias Alan Hinds
Danielle De Metz as Cecile Bonnard
Jack Daly as Granville (reporter)
Janine Grandel as Mme. Bonnard
Richard Flato as Sgt. Dubois
Gregg Martell as Cop
Barry Bernard as Lt. MacLish
Pat O’Hara as Insp. Evans
Francisco Villalobos as Priest
Joan Cotton as Nurse
Michael Mark as Gaston (watchman)