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Return of the Magnificent Seven, The (1966, Yul Brynner, Robert Fuller)



After the success of The Magnificent Seven in 1960, it was inevitable that sequels would follow. And, six and nine years later, they did. Guns Of The Magnificent Seven completed the series in 1969, but it was Return Of The Magnificent Seven that shared most similarities with the original Western hit. Two of the Magnificent Seven’s most distinctive players returned here: lead actor Yul Brynner and Elmer Bernstein, who once more composed a classic score which was Oscar-nominated.

Filmed on location in Spain, the Western takes place in Mexico. Again, it’s concerned with the emancipation of Mexican peasants after a large group of gunmen kidnap the men from a small village and take them into the desert. Petra (Elisa Montes), the wife of one of the kidnapped men, Chico (Julian Mateos) – who had been one of the original Magnificent Seven – has been in this situation before and knows precisely who to contact: a gunslinger, Chris (Brynner), who helped the villagers rise up once before to claim their freedom from a tyrant.

Although most of the original group of heroes has deceased, Chris sets about building a new team with the help of old colleague Vin (Robert Fuller). They recruit two convicts (Claude Akins, Virgilio Teixeira), a renowned ladies’ man (Warren Oates) and a young bullfighter (Jordan Christopher). The six set off into the desert, where they discover that the villagers are being used as slave labour to help build a memorial to the son of a local ranch owner, Lorca (Emilio Fernandez). Reuniting with Chico, the seven prepare for a do-or-die battle against 50 gunmen.

production details
Spain – USA | 95 minutes | 1966

Director: Burt Kennedy
Script: Larry Cohen

Yul Brynner as Chris Adams
Robert Fuller as Vin
Julián Mateos as Chico
Warren Oates as Colbee
Claude Akins as Frank
Elisa Montés as Petra, Chico’s Wife
Fernando Rey as Priest
Emilio Fernández as Francisco Lorca
Virgílio Teixeira as Luis
Rodolfo Acosta as Lopez
Jordan Christopher as Manuel
Gracita Sacromonte as Flamenco Dancer