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Return to Paradise (UA 1953, Gary Cooper, Roberta Haynes)



A wayward hedonist (Gary Cooper) arrives on a Polynesian island, falls in love with a native beauty (Roberta Haynes), and helps the locals rise up against a cruel and authoritarian missionary. Successful, he stays to have a child with his slave/bride and then leaves the island after she dies while during childbirth. Years later, during WWII, Cooper returns to the paradise’ and meets his fully-grown daughter.’

Soon after making Return to Paradise, Roberta Haynes realized that acting was not her forte and became much more successful on the other side of the camera as an executive producer for TV programs.

production details
USA | United Artists | 100 minutes | 1953

Director: Mark Robson
Producers: Mark Robson, Theron Warth, Robert Wise
Director of Photography: Winton C. Hoch
Editing: Daniel Mandell
Music:Dimitri Tiomkin
Script: Charles Kaufman, James A. Michener

Barry Jones as Pastor Corbett
Gary Cooper as Mr. Morgan
Roberta Haynes as Maeva
Moira Walker as Turia
John Hudson as Captain Harry Faber
Mamea Matatumua as Tonga (as Chief Mamea Matatumua)
Hans Kruse as Rori at age 21
Maylia as Maeva’s Aunt