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Rising Damp The Movie (1980 with Leonard Rossiter and Frances De La Tour)



Leonard Rossiter must have been born to play Rigsby, the offensive, repulsive landlord whose run-down guest house is home to a number of poor souls, including Seymour (Denholm Elliot), Philip (Don Warrington), Miss Jones (Frances de la Tour) and Alan (Christopher Strauli).

Writer Eric Chappell wrote the original play, and in this movie version he introduces Seymour, a public school cad in the old sense, who tries to con Rigsby and Miss Jones out of their life savings. And Rigsby tries all the usual smarmy yet hilarious routines to win over Miss Jones while silmutaneously abusing his tenants.

First screened in 1974, the TV sitcom was an immediate and huge hit, guaranteeing audiences of 13 million – pubs even put TVs into their lounges before the advent of video recorders.

production details
UK | EMI | 98 minutes | 1980

Director: Joseph McGrath
Script: Eric Chappell,

Leonard Rossiter as Rigsby
Denholm Elliott as Charles Seymour
Don Warrington as Philip Smith
Frances de la Tour as Miss Jones
Christopher Strauli as John
Bill Dean as Workman
John Cater as Bert
Carrie Jones as Sandra
Glynn Edwards as Cooper
Derek Griffiths as Alec