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Road to Rio (Paramount 1947, Bing Crosby, Bob Hope)



The fifth in the ‘Road’ series finds Hope and Crosby stowing away on a southbound steamship after setting fire to the carnival in which they were working. Onboard, they notice Lamour, who is alternately inviting and indifferent. They discover that she’s been hypnotized by her aunt into marrying a man she doesn’t love. The boys find work in Rio with a trio, and crash Lamour’s wedding just in time. Hope gets the girl in this one, with a little hocus-pocus of his own. Fewer set pieces, more plot, same riotous comedy. One of the best in the series.

Road to Rio was the first of three Road pictures co-produced by stars Crosby and Hope.

Academy Award Nomination for Best Scoring of a Musical Picture.

production details
USA / Paramount / 100 minutes / 1947

Director: Norman Z. McLeod
Producer: Daniel Dare
Cinematography: Ernest Laszlo
Editor: Ellsworth Hoagland
Music: Robert Emmett Dolan
Script: Edmund Beloin, Jack Rose
Production Design: Hans Dreier, A. Earl Hedrick
Choreography: Billy Daniel, Bernard Pearce

Bing Crosby as Scat Sweeney
Bob Hope as Hot Lips Barton
Dorothy Lamour as Lucia Maria de Andrade
Gale Sondergaard as Catherine Vail
Joseph Vitale as Tony
George Meeker as Sherman Mallory
Frank Puglia as Rodrigues
Nestor Paiva as Cardoso
Robert Barrat as Johnson
Stanley Andrews as Capt. Harmon
Harry Woods as Ship’s Purser
Laverne Andrews as Laverne Andrews
Maxene Andrews as Maxene Andrews
Patty Andrews as Patty Andrews
Rolando Barrera as Bellhop
Frank Faylen as Trigger

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