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Romance on the High Seas (1948, Doris Day, Jack Carson)



DORIS DAY made her screen debut in this delightful comedy musical and, although the Sunday Express , ungallantly remarked that she was ‘no classic beauty and no thrilling actress,’ made amends by continuing, ‘but Miss Day has a warm, tough, amusing personality. You feel she would be fun to know. And she can sing.’

Starring JANIS PAIGE as Elvira Kent, a wealthy woman who, suspecting her husband Michael (DON DeFORE) of having an affair, books a passage to Rio in her own name and then gets another woman to take her place so that she can secretly keep an eye on her husband. He choice falls on casual acquaintance Georgia Garrett (Day), a nightclub singer who longs to travel but cannot afford the fare. Meanwhile Michael, suspicious of Elvira’s plan to go on a sea voyage without him, hires private detective Peter Virgil (JACK CARSON) to keep an eye on her. Naturally, Virgil mistakes the glamorously gowned Georgia for Elvira and, having fallen in love with her, is appalled when her admirer Plinio (FORTUNIO BONANOVA) unexpectedly boards the liner and is torn between love and duty to his employer.

Judy Garland was the first choice for the role of Georgia but was replaced by Betty Hutton who became pregnant and was in turn replaced by Day.

production details
USA | 99 minutes | 1948

Director: Michael Curtiz
Writers: Julius J Epstein, Philip G Epstein, I A L Diamond, from the story Romance in High Sea by S Pondal Rios and Carlos A Olivari

Jack Carson as Peter Virgil
Janis Paige as Mrs. Elvira Kent
Don DeFore as Mr. Michael Kent
Doris Day as Miss Georgia Garrett
Oscar Levant as Oscar Farrar
S.Z. Sakall as Uncle Lazlo Lazlo
Fortunio Bonanova as Plinio
Eric Blore as Ship’s Doctor
Franklin Pangborn as Rio Hotel Clerk
Leslie Brooks as Miss Medwick
William Bakewell as Dudley (travel agent)
John Berkes as The Drunk
Mary Field as Marie
Sandra Gould as Switchboard Operator in NYC
Grady Sutton as Ship’s Telegraph Clerk
Johnny Berkes as Drunk at Cafe Flambio
Bess Flowers as Ship Passenger
Susanne Rosser as Brazilian Girl