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Rookie of the Year (1993, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Gary Busey)



Actor turned director Daniel Stern (perhaps most memorable as one of the bungling crooks from Home Alone) makes his feature debut with this likeable story where magical powers mix with the all-American sport of baseball. With shades of The Natural and Field of Dreams aimed squarely at the Little League, 12 year old Henry (THOMAS IAN NICHOLAS) finds himself blessed with a powerful pitching arm following a nasty fall.

Able to pitch balls at incredible speeds it’s not long before young Henry attracts the unwanted attentions of a set of unscrupulous baddies as he moves from the stadium to the pitch to help his favourite team. Naturally fame and playing with the big boys comes at a cost but being the inspiring sport of the American nation, its no surprise that Henry trounces the baddies.

production details
USA | 103 minutes | 1993

Director: Daniel Stern
Script: Sam Harper

Thomas Ian Nicholas as Henry Rowengartner
Colombe Jacobsen-Derstine as Becky
Gary Busey as Chet Steadman
Albert Hall as Martinella
Amy Morton as Mary Rowengartner
Dan Hedaya as Larry ‘Fish’ Fisher
Bruce Altman as Jack Bradfield
Eddie Bracken as Bob Carson
Robert Hy Gorman as Clark (as Robert Gorman)
Patrick LaBrecque as George
Daniel Stern as Brickma
John Candy as Cliff Murdoch – Announcer (uncredited)
Jonathan Hilario as Phys Ed Dweeb
Tom Milanovich as Heddo