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Rush Hour 2 (2001, Chris Tucker, Jackie Chan)



Following the success of the original film, this sequel sees the chalk-and-cheese duo of Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan) and Detective Carter (Chris Tucker) in Hong Kong, supposedly on a holiday on Lee’s home turf. But after the US Embassy is bombed they end up on a fresh case, up against Triad boss Ricky Tan (John Lone) and his deadly henchwoman Hu Li (Zhang Ziyi), who are involved in a major international counterfeiting ring. As the action moves from Hong Kong to Los Angeles and then on to Las Vegas’s biggest casino, the pair find themselves once again fighting for their lives.

Wisely, director Brett Ratner, who helmed the first film, didn’t change the successful format, making Carter the fish-out-of-water cop this time but retaining the comedy-drama as he and Lee battle the baddies with quips as deadly as their guns and, of course, Lee’s martial arts skills. Lone, as the suave villain, is outstanding, while Zhang Ziyi, in her first Hollywood role, shows the star quality she would later bring to House of Flying Daggers and 2046.

production details
US | 90 minutes | 2001
Director: Brett Ratner
Script: Jeff Nathanson, Ross LaManna,

Chris Tucker as Det. James Carter
Jackie Chan as Chief Insp. Lee
Don Cheadle as Kenny
Jeremy Piven as Versace Salesman
Alan King as Steve Reign
Cindy Lu as Heaven on Earth Hostess #2
Roselyn Sánchez as Isabella Molina
Zhang Ziyi as Hu Li
Ernie Reyes, Jr. as Zing
John Lone as Ricky Tan
Maggie Q as Girl in Car
Harris Yulin as Agent Sterling
Kenneth Tsang as Captain Chin
Lisa LoCicero as Receptionist
Meiling Melançon as Girl in Car
Lucy Lin as Heaven on Earth Hostess