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The Sad Sack The Sad Sack


Sad Sack, The (Paramount 1957, Jerry Lewis, Phyllis Kirk)



Jerry Lewis stars in service comedy The Sad Sack as Bixby, a bumbling soldier with a special gift: He has a photographic memory. Sent to Morocco to guard a top-secret weapon, he falls in love with a nightclub chanteuse (Liliane Montevecchi), but has his stumbling romance interrupted when he is kidnapped by Abdul (Peter Lorre), an enemy spy who has discovered that Bixby has memorized the secret weapon’s instruction manual. This was Lewis’ second feature after his much-publicized breakup with Dean Martin.

The Sad Sack was based on cartoonist George Baker’s classic comic strip.

production details
USA / Paramount / 98 minutes / 1957

Director: George Marshall
Screenplay: Edmund Beloin, Nate Monaster
Original Story: George Baker
Producer: Hal B. Wallis
Director of Photography: Loyal Griggs
Composer: Walter Scharf

Jerry Lewis as Private Meredith C. Bixby
David Wayne as Corporal Larry Dolan
Phyllis Kirk as Maj. Shelton
Peter Lorre as Abdul
Joe Mantell as Pvt. Stan Wenaslawsky
Gene Evans as Sgt. Major Elmer Pulley
George Dolenz as Ali Mustapha
Liliane Montevecchi as Zita
Shepperd Strudwick as Major General Vanderlip
Abraham Sofaer as Hassim
Mary Treen as Sgt. Hansen
Kenneth Becker as Corporal