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Sam Whiskey (UA 1969, Burt Reynolds, Angie Dickinson)



In Sam Whiskey Burt Reynolds plays an adventurer lured by a robber’s widow (Angie Dickinson) into returning stolen gold to the U.S. Mint. Set in the post-Civil War west, this light comedy follows Sam Whiskey (Reynolds) and two buddies as they retrieve the bullion from the bottom of Colorado’s Platte River and secretly return it in an attempt to save the widow’s reputation. However, an outlaw gets wind of the cache and there’s a-stealing and re-stealing of the booty, until the trio manages to recast the gold while in the U.S. Mint, posing as plumbers.

Reynolds appeared in one of his first leading roles in this movie after having established himself as a leading man on television. Three years earlier he had followed the lead of Clint Eastwood by starring in an Italian Western, Navaho Joe (1966), which received little notice. In 1968 Reynolds was considered for the role of Mia Farrow’s husband in Rosemary’s Baby, however the part was given to John Cassavetes. By the 1970s everything had changed: The National Association of Theater Owners named him the Number One Box Office Star and Star of the Year five years in a row, a feat no other actor has ever been able to accomplish.

production details
USA | United Artists | 96 minutes | 1969

Director: Arnold Laven
Producers: Arthur Gardner, Arnold Laven, Jules Levy
Director of Photography: Robert Moreno
Editor: John Woodcock
Composer: Herschel Burke Gilbert
Songs: William Norton
Screenwriter: William Norton
Art Director: Lloyd S. Papez

William Schallert as Mr. Perkins
Angie Dickinson as Laura Breckenridge
Robert Adler as Pete
Ossie Davis as Jed Hooker
Burt Reynolds as Sam Whiskey
Clint Walker as O.W. Bandy
Wallace Earl as Mrs. Perkins
Woodrow Parfrey as Thorston Bromley
Anthony James as Leroy
Ayllene Gibbons as Big Annie
Del Reeves as The Fisherman
Rick Davis as Fat Henry Hobson
John Damler as Hank
Chubby Johnson as Blacksmith
William Boyett as Corporal
Sidney Clute as Clem
Tracey Roberts as Agnes
Virgil Warner as Narrator