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Scaramouche (1952, Stewart Granger, Eleanor Parker)



George Sidney’s swashbuckling adventure stars Stewart Granger as Andre Moreau, a young man determined to avenge the death of his friend at the hand of the Marquis de Maynes (Mel Ferrer). The Marquis is the finest swordsman in France however, and, to gain enough time to learn to fight well enough to take him on, Moreau lays low as the clown Scaramouche. Moreau’s journey to face his destiny inevitably features generous helpings of swordfighting action, numerous cases of mistaken identity and romantic liaisons with Eleanor Parker and Janet Leigh.

production details
USA | 115 minutes | 1952

Director: George Sidney
Script: Ronald Millar, George Froeschel, Rafael Sabatini,

Stewart Granger as Andre Moreau
Eleanor Parker as Lenore
Janet Leigh as Aline de Gavrillac de Bourbon
Mel Ferrer as Noel, Marquis de Maynes
Henry Wilcoxon as Chevalier de Chabrillaine
Nina Foch as Marie Antoinette
Richard Anderson as Philippe de Valmorin (Marcus Brutus)
Robert Coote as Gaston Binet
Lewis Stone as Georges de Valmorin
Elisabeth Risdon as Isabelle de Valmorin
Howard Freeman as Michael Vanneau
Curtis Cooksey as Fabian
John Dehner as Doutreval
John Litel as Dr. Dubuque
Jonathan Cott as Sergeant
Dan Foster as Pierrot
Owen McGiveney as Punchinello
Hope Landin as Mme. Frying Pan
Frank Mitchell as Harlequin
Carol Hughes as Pierrette
Barrie Chase as Dancer in Minuet
John George as Show Spectator (uncredited)