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Sea Wolves, The (1980, Gregory Peck, Roger Moore)



Three German ships moored in neutral Goa in WWII are sending U-boats details of passing British ships, to devastating effect. Because of Goa’s neutrality, the regular armed forces cannot intervene, so a collection of retired officers living in India (including Gregory Peck, Roger Moore and David Niven) are recruited to lead a task force of equally-aged volunteers on a dangerous mission to destroy the ships.

production details
USA | 120 minutes | 1980
Director: Andrew V. McLaglen
Script: James Leasor, Reginald Rose,

Gregory Peck as Col. Lewis Pugh
Roger Moore as Capt. Gavin Stewart
David Niven as Col. W.H. Grice
Trevor Howard as Jack Cartwright
Barbara Kellerman as Mrs. Cromwell
Patrick Macnee as Major ‘Yogi’ Crossley
Kenneth Griffith as Charlie Wilton
Patrick Allen as Colin Mackenzie
Wolf Kahler as Trompeta
Robert Hoffmann as U-Boat Captain
Dan van Husen as U-Boat First Officer
George Mikell as Captain of Ehrenfels
Jürgen Andersen as First Officer of Ehrenfels
Bernard Archard as Underhill
Martin Benson as Mr. Montero
Percy Herbert as Dennison
Donald Houston as Hilliard
Glyn Houston as Peters
Terence Longdon as Malvern
Allan Cuthbertson as Dickie Melborne
Faith Brook as Mrs Doris Grice
John Standing as Finley
Graham Stark as Don Manners
Jack Watson as Maclean
Moray Watson as Breen
Michael Medwin as Langley
William Morgan Sheppard as ‘Patch’ Lovecroft
Patrick Holt as Barker
Clifford Earl as Sloane
Keith Stevenson as Manuel
Brook Williams as Butterworth
Victor Langley as Williamson
Marc Zuber as Ram Das Gupta
Mohan Agashe as Brothel Keeper