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Secret Beyond the Door, The (Universal 1948, Joan Bennett, Michael Redgrave)



Moody drama The Secret Beyond the Door from Fritz Lang is about a wealthy heiress (Joan Bennett) who marries Michael Redgrave, the mysterious publisher of an architectural journal, in a romantic whirlwind and later comes to believe that he’s a demented killer.

Reportedly, Lang had Miklos Rozsa record his score in reverse and then played it back normally on the sound track to add a creepy effect to the music.

Bennett’s real life tragically mirrored this story: In 1951 her husband, producer Walter Wanger, shot her agent, Jennings Lang.

production details
USA | Universal | 99 minutes | 1948

Director: Fritz Lang
Script: Silvia Richards, Rufus King,

Anne Revere as Caroline Lamphere
Michael Redgrave as Mark Lamphere
Rosa Rey as Paquita
Joan Bennett as Celia Lamphere
Barbara O’Neil as Miss Robey
Natalie Schafer as Edith Potter
Mark Dennis as David
Anabel Shaw as Intellectual Sub-Deb