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Secret Invasion, The (UA 1964, Stewart Granger, Raf Vallone)



Roger Corman, working with the biggest budget he was ever given, directed this Dirty Dozen-like adventure about five convicts who are assigned a treacherous mission: to penetrate Nazi occupied Yugoslavia to rescue an Italian general who can rally troops against Hitler. However, even with their combined criminal smarts, they find the Nazis are a crafty bunch. Stewart Granger plays the hardened British officer who leads the group.

Multilingual Raf Vallone was able to speak his own lines in both English and Italian while other actors had to have their lines dubbed in.

production details
USA | United Artists | 95 minutes | 1964

Director: Roger Corman
Producer: Gene Corman
Cinematography: Arthur E. Arling
Editor: Ronald Sinclair
Music: Hugo Friedhofer
Script: R. Wright Campbell
Art Director: John Murray

Stewart Granger as Maj. Richard Mace
William Campbell as Jean Saval
Henry Silva as John Durrell
Raf Vallone as Roberto Rocca
Mickey Rooney as Terence Scanlon
Edd Byrnes as Simon Fell
Peter Coe as Marko
Špela Rozin as Mila (as Mia Massini)
Helmo Kindermann as German Fortress Commandant
Enzo Fiermonte as Gen. Quadri
Nan Morris as Stephana
Helmuth Schneider as German Patrol Boat Captain (as Helmut Schneider)
Giulio Marchetti as Italian Officer
Nicholas Rend as Captain of Fishing Boat