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Seven Days’ Leave (RKO 1942, Lucille Ball, Victor Mature)



Wartime musical comedy Seven Days’ Leave features plenty of big names from radio days. Victure Mature plays an army private who has a week to earn himself an inheritance of one hundred thousand dollars if he can get a wealthy heiress (Lucille Ball) to marry him. Problem is, this wealthy beauty has already promised to marry somebody else. Fans of Freddy Martin’s and Les Brown’s bands should catch this one.

Victor Mature actually joined the Coast Guard immediately after finishing the film. He served in both the Atlantic and Pacific and was on Okinawa when the atomic bomb was dropped on Japan.

production details
USA | RKO | 87 minutes | 1942
Director: Tim Whelan
Script: William Bowers, Ralph Spence, Curtis Kenyon, Kenneth Earl,

Lucille Ball as Terry Havalok-Allen
Victor Mature as Johnny Grey
Harold Peary as Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve
Mapy Cortés as Mapy (as Mapy Cortes)
Ginny Simms as Ginny Simms
Freddy Martin as Freddy Martin
Marcy McGuire as Mickey Havalok-Allen
Arnold Stang as Bitsy Slater
Peter Lind Hayes as Pvt. Pete Jackson