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Shooting Party, The (1984, James Mason, Edward Fox)



The Shooting Party from 1984 and directed by Alan Bridges is very much an end of an era film, it’s the eve of world war one and Sir Randolph Nettleby (the brilliant James Mason) is hosting a shooting party at his stately home. There is a great contrast between the rich of the shooting party and the poor (who are the servants and the beaters) but it’s clear that that dividing line is going to be shattered by the approaching war.

A masterly drama with a great cast which besides Mason also includes Gordon Jackson, John Gielgud and Edward Fox.

production details
UK | 98 minutes | 1984

Director: Alan Bridges
Script: Julian Bond, Isabel Colegate,

James Mason as Sir Randolph Nettleby
Edward Fox as Lord Gilbert Hartlip
Dorothy Tutin as Lady Minnie Nettleby
John Gielgud as Cornelius Cardew
Gordon Jackson as Tom Harker
Cheryl Campbell
Rebecca Saire
Judi Bowker
Robert Hardy
Rupert Frazer
Barry Jackson as Weir
Daniel Moynihan as Maidment
Richard Leech as Dr. West