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Situation Hopeless — But Not Serious (1965, Alec Guinness, Robert Redford)



Gottfried Reinhardt directs this oddball comedy based on a novel by actor Robert Shaw about a pair of WWII American pilots (Robert Redford, Michael Connors) who are shot down over Germany toward the end of the war. They parachute into a small village, where they’re captured by Herr Frick (Alec Guinness), a lonely pensioner who keeps them prisoner in his wine cellar. Frick enjoys the pilot’s company so much that he decides not to tell them when the war ends, instead concocting tales of a German victory and a triumphant Nazi society.

Situation Hopeless… But Not Serious was Robert Redford’s second appearance in a feature film, the first being War Hunt (1962).

production details
USA | Paramount | 97 minutes | 1965

Producer and Director: Gottfried Reinhardt
Original Story: Robert Shaw
Director of Photography: Kurt Hasse
Editor: Walter Boos
Composer: Harold Byrns
Script: Jan Lustig
Silvia Reinhardt

Alec Guinness as Wilhelm Frick
Robert Redford as Captain Hank Wilson
Mike Connors as Sgt. Lucky Finder
Paul Dahlke as Herr Neusel
Frank Wolff as Quartermaster Sergeant
Mady Rahl as Lissie