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Sleuth (TCF 1972, Michael Caine, Laurence Olivier)



A sparkling succession of surprises pop up in a puzzle-box of a movie that keeps twisting at every plot turn. Milo Tindle (Caine) visits mystery writer Andrew Wyke (Olivier) and is informed that Wyke knows about his affair with his wife. When he suggests that Tindle fake a jewel heist to support his lover, the games begin. The advantage shifts between the rivals, with elaborate disguises, fake deaths, blank guns and, finally, deadly revenge.

Co-stars Olivier and Caine appeared in four other films together: Battle of Britain and Male Species, both in 1969, A Bridge Too Far (1977) and The Jigsaw Man (1983). Surprisingly Caine revisited the film in 2007, this time playing the Laurence Olivier role opposite Jude Law.

Academy Award Nominations: four, including Best Actor for Laurence Olivier, Best Actor for Michael Caine and Best Director.

production details
UK | Twentieth Century Fox | 138 minutes | 1972

Director: Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Producer: Morton Gottlieb
Director of Photography: Oswald Morris
Editor: Richard Marden
Composer: John Addison
Screenwriter: Anthony Shaffer, from his play
Production Designer: Ken Adam
Art Director: Peter Lamont

Michael Caine as Milo Tindle
Laurence Olivier as Andrew Wyke
Alec Cawthorne as Inspector Doppler
John Matthews as Detective Sergeant Tarrant
Eve Channing as Marguerite Wyke
Teddy Martin as Police Constable Higgs