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Sodom and Gomorrah (TCF 1962, Stewart Granger, Anouk Aimée)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

The Biblical story of Lot is told in this lavish international production starring Stewart Granger as the respected elder who leads his people to the Valley of Jordan. However the prime emphasis here is on his visit to the twin cities of vice, where Lot and his family find their stay not entirely welcoming. This was one of the last Biblical epics of the ’50s and ’60s and is notable for its special effects and a score by Miklos Rozsa (Ben Hur, Quo Vadis, King of Kings).

Filmmaker Sergio Leone, who is best known for his pioneering Italian Westerns with Clint Eastwood – A Fistful of Dollars (1964), The Good, The Bad and the Ugly (1966) – was an uncredited assistant director on the movie and was responsible for creating many of the action sequences. Leone was no stranger to the historical epics: his directorial debut was The Colossus of Rhodes (1961).

production details
France – Italy | Twentieth Century Fox | 154 minutes | 1962

Directors: Robert Aldrich, Sergio Leone
Producer: Goffredo Lombardo
Cinematography: Silvano Ippoliti
Editor: Peter Tanner
Music: Miklos Rozsa
Script: Hugo Butler, Giorgio Prosperi
Production Design: Ken Adam

Anouk Aimée as Königin Bera
Pier Angeli as Ildith
Stewart Granger as Lot
Stanley Baker as Astaroth
Rossana Podestà as Shuah
Rik Battaglia as Melchior
Alice Kessler as Tänzerin
Ellen Kessler as Tänzerin