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Someone Else’s Child (1994, Lisa Hartman, Bruce Davison)



Inspired by actual events, LISA HARTMAN BLACK stars as Cory Maddox, a woman whose world is shattered when a paternity test reveals that neither she nor her estranged husband is a biological parent of her beloved seven-year-old son, Christopher (JONATHAN HOOG). Bolstered by her supportive mother, Faye (LOUISE FLETCHER), Cory learns of the terrible error and its complicated consequences: the infant she gave birth to was switched with another baby in the hospital nursery… and her biological infant was put up for adoption. To make matters worse, Cory is told that, in the eyes of the law, Christopher doesn’t belong to her.

When Cory first tracks down her biological son, Nelson (JOEL PALMER), and his adoptive parents, the Reeds, she has no intention of taking his away from them. She just wants to set things straight legally, so that she can keep Christopher. But her suspicions about the Reeds and their behaviour towards her real son prompt her into mounting a legal battle, with the aid of crusading attorney John Callahan (BRUCE DAVISON), to win custody of both boys whatever the cost.

production details
USA | 120 minutes | 1994

Director: John Power
Script: Cindy Myers

Lisa Hartman as Cory Maddox
Bruce Davison as Nick Callahan
Whip Hubley as Danny
Ken Pogue as Jack Maddox
Glynn Turman as Judge Roullard
Scott McNeil as Stuart
Don S. Davis as Sherwin Francis
Michael David Simms as Byron James
Joel Palmer as Nelson Reed
Brandon Obray as Rikki
Gillian Barber as Renata Reed
Tom Butler as Bruce Reed
Stephen E. Miller as Pete Cochran
Louise Fletcher as Faye Maddox