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Stage Fright (Warner 1950, Marlene Dietrich, Jane Wyman)



Stage Fright, a later British production from Alfred Hitchcock features an outstanding cast. Acting student Jane Wyman’s ex-boyfriend (Richard Todd) has a major dilemma: his mistress, nightclub chanteuse Marlene Dietrich, came to him spattered with blood and with the news that her husband has been murdered. The police, naturally, suspect Todd, and Wyman’s the only one he can turn to. Not Hitchcock’s best, but still very entertaining.

Hitchcock allowed Marlene Dietrich to instruct cinematographer Willie Cooper on proper lighting of her scenes and she was given a free hand to select her wardrobe and jewelry for the film.

Producer and Director: Alfred Hitchcock Director of Photography: Wilkie Cooper Editor: Edward B. Jarvis Composer: Leighton Lucas Screenwriters: James Bridie, Whitfield Cook, Ranald MacDougall, Alma Reville,

production details
UK | Warner Bros | 110 minutes | 1950

Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Script: Ranald MacDougall, James Bridie, Alma Reville, Whitfield Cook, Selwyn Jepson,

Marlene Dietrich as Charlotte Inwood
Jane Wyman as Eve Gill
Richard Todd as Jonathan Cooper
Miles Malleson as Mr. Fortesque
Alastair Sim as Commodore Gill
John Harvey as Inspector Loomis (uncredited)
Michael Wilding as Det. Insp. Wilfried ‘Ordinary’ Smith
Kay Walsh as Nellie Goode
Joyce Grenfell as ‘Lovely Ducks’
Sybil Thorndike as Mrs. Gill
André Morell as Inspector Byard
Hector MacGregor as Freddie Williams
Patricia Hitchcock as Chubby Bannister
Ballard Berkeley as Sergeant Mellish