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Stanley and Livingstone (TCF 1939, Spencer Tracy, Cedric Hardwicke)



Adventure-filled biopic Stanley and Livingstone depicts the journey to Africa of journalist Henry Stanley (Spencer Tracy), and his quest to determine the fate of the Scottish missionary Dr. Livingstone (Cedric Hardwicke).

After enduring unspeakable hardships and disease, Tracy encounters Hardwicke and emerges from Africa with a new perspective on life. A fine performance from Tracy. Filmed on location in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.

The safari episodes in Stanley and Livingstone were filmed by pioneering nature filmmaker Osa Johnson, author of the memoir I Married Adventure. The scenes were shot in African locations close to where the real Dr. Livingstone once walked.

production details
USA | Twentieth Century Fox | 101 minutes | 1939

Director: Henry King, Otto Brower
Script: Philip Dunne, Julien Josephson,

Cedric Hardwicke as Dr. David Livingstone (as Sir Cedric Hardwicke)
Henry Hull as James Gordon Bennett, Jr.
Walter Brennan as Jeff Slocum
Miles Mander as Sir John Gresham
Harry Strang as Captain
Charles Coburn as Lord Tyce
Henry Travers as John Kingsley
Frank Jaquet as Senator
Frank Orth as Newspaperman with Pills
Spencer Tracy as Henry M. Stanley
Nancy Kelly as Eve Kingsley
Richard Greene as Gareth Tyce
David Torrence as Mr. Cranston
Holmes Herbert as Frederick Holcomb
C. Montague Shaw as Sir Oliver French
Brandon Hurst as Sir Henry Forrester
Hassan Said as Hassan
Paul Harvey as Colonel Grimes
Russell Hicks as Commissioner
Frank Dae as Commissioner
Ernest Baskett as Zucco
William E. ‘Red’ Blair as Sergeant
Everett Brown as Bongo
Bobby Burns as Geographical Society Delegate
Jack Clisby as Mombay
Tom Coleman as Corporal
Joseph Crehan as Morehead
Vernon Dent as Newspaperman in Office
Clarence Derwent as Sir Francis Vane
William R. Dunn as Chuma
Harry Harvey as Newspaperman at Water Barrel
Darby Jones as Chewing Native
Eric Lonsdale as Reporter at Dock
Anthony Marsh as Messenger
James McNamara as Committeeman
Robert Middlemass as Carmichael
Clive Morgan as Reporter at Dock
Imboden Parrish as Reporter at Dock
Speirs Ruskell as Messenger
Emmett Smith as Susi
Dick Stanley as Lieutenant
F. Philip Sylvestre as Messenger
Emmett Vogan as Albert
Billy Watson as Billy Watson
William B. Williams as Mace