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Star in the Dust (Universal 1956, Richard Boone, John Agar)



Charles F. Hass directs this quirky Western, parts of which are told by a singing minstrel (Terry Gilkyson). Sam Hall (Richard Boone) is waiting to hang after killing farmers who were using a cattle rancher’s land. Sheriff Jorden (John Agar) just wants a peaceful hanging, but must deal with two angry parties: the cattlemen, who want to spring Hall and send him and his girlfriend Ellen (Mamie Van Doren) off into the sunset, and the irate farmers, who have already formed a lynch mob.

Star in the Dust features an early appearance by Clint Eastwood, in only his sixth film–and his first Western–as an uncredited ranch hand.

production details
USA | Universal | 80 minutes | 1956

Director: Charles F. Hass
Producer: Albert Zugsmith
Original Story: Lee Leighton
Cinematography: John L. Russell
Editor: Ray Snyder
Music: Frank Skinner
Script: Oscar Brodney
Art Director: Alexander Golitzen, Alfred Sweeney

James Gleason as Orval Jones
Leif Erickson as George Ballard
Paul Fix as Mike MacNamara
Stanley Andrews as Ben Smith
Harry Morgan as Lew Hogan
Coleen Gray as Nellie Mason
Renny McEvoy as Timothy Brown
Lewis Martin as Pastor Harris
John Agar as Sheriff Bill Jorden
Robert Osterloh as Rigdon
Stuart Randall as Jess Ryman
Richard Boone as Sam Hall
Randy Stuart as Nan Hogan
John Daheim as Jiggs Larribee
Anthony Jochim as Doc Quinn
Mamie Van Doren as Ellen Ballard
Terry Gilkyson as The Music Man
Stafford Repp as Leo Roos
Jess Kirkpatrick as Ed Pardee
James Parnell as Marv Tremain
Clint Eastwood as Tom – Ranch Hand (uncredited)