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Start the Revolution Without Me (Warner 1970, Donald Sutherland, Gene Wilder)



Farce Start the Revolution Without Me satirizes the great costume adventures of classic Hollywood. Sutherland and Wilder play two sets of mismatched twins, one raised into dueling hellions by aristocratic parents, the other simple peasants who join the Revolution. The possibilities for confusion multiply as the comedy builds to a hilarious costume ball.

Producer Norman Lear and director Bud Yorkin, who served as co-executive producers on Start the Revolution Without Me, teamed up the following year for the ground-breaking TV series All in the Family.

production details
USA | Warner Bros | 90 minutes | 1970
Director: Bud Yorkin
Script: Lawrence J. Cohen, Fred Freeman,

Donald Sutherland as Charles / Pierre
Hugh Griffith as King Louis
Rosalind Knight as Helene de Sisi
Orson Welles as The Narrator
Harry Fowler as Marcel
Billie Whitelaw as Queen Marie
Victor Spinetti as Duke d’Escargot
Ken Parry as Dr. Boileau
Gene Wilder as Claude / Philippe
Jack MacGowran as Jacques
Ewa Aulin as Christina
Helen Fraser as Mimi
Murray Melvin as Blind Man