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Station West (RKO 1948, Dick Powell, Jane Greer)



In Station West Dick Powell goes after noir-babe Jane Greer as he tracks the murderers of a gold shipment’s guards. Greer runs a gambling house, and Powell takes a job as a bouncer in order to get close to the gang. An entertaining Western mystery based on a story by Luke Short.

Station West features only the second screen appearance of Burl Ives, who appears in an uncredited role as a bell-hop/balladeer. In all, Ives made nearly fifty films in his 40-year career.

production details
USA | RKO | 87 minutes | 1948
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Script: Frank Fenton, Luke Short, Winston Miller,

Guinn Williams as Mick Marion
Burl Ives as Hotel Clerk
Regis Toomey as Jim Goddard
Agnes Moorehead as Mrs. Mary Caslon
Olin Howland as Cook at Logging Camp (as Olin Howlin)
Dan White as Pete
Raymond Burr as Lawyer Mark Bristow
Dick Powell as Lt. John Martin Haven
Jane Greer as Charlie
Tom Powers as Captain George Iles
Gordon Oliver as Prince
Steve Brodie as Lt. Stellman
John Berkes as Sam- the Deaf Pianist
Michael Steele as Whitey
John Kellogg as Ben
John Doucette as Bartender
Charles Middleton as Sheriff