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Sudden Fear (RKO 1952, Joan Crawford, Jack Palance)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

In Sudden Fear a wealthy playwright (Joan Crawford) suspects her actor husband (Jack Palance) of having murderous designs on her fortune in this classic noir drama.

Palance makes contact with former gal pal Gloria Grahame and tells her of his marriage of convenience. They do some snooping and discover a will that leaves Crawford’s estate to a charity, and decide to act quickly. But Crawford, who works with a dictaphone, accidentally tapes their plotting and takes her defense into her own hands.

Disgusted with the roles Warners was giving her, Joan Crawford terminated her contract and worked on Sudden Fear for a percentage of the box office. It was a smash hit and reestablished her reputation.

Academy Award Nominations: 4, including Best Actress: Joan Crawford; Best Supporting Actor: Jack Palance; Best Cinematography.

production details
USA | RKO | 110 minutes | 1952
Director: David Miller
Script: Lenore J. Coffee, Robert Smith, Edna Sherry,

Joan Crawford as Myra Hudson
Bruce Bennett as Steve Kearney
Jack Palance as Lester Blaine
Gloria Grahame as Irene Neves
Virginia Huston as Ann Taylor
Mike Connors as Junior Kearney
Bess Flowers as Party Guest