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Sun Also Rises, The (TCF 1957, Errol Flynn, Tyrone Power)



One of the most faithful of Ernest Hemingway adaptations, The Sun Also Rises, follows the rootless wanderings of American expatriates in Europe following WWI. Tyrone Power searches for cheap sensation to salve his impotence, the result of a war wound. He’s joined in this pursuit by a beautiful aristocrat (Ava Gardner) who had ministered to him during the war, his best friend (Eddie Albert), a Greek tycoon (Gregory Ratoff), an alcoholic writer (Mel Ferrer), and a devil-may-care Scot (Errol Flynn, in his penultimate role).

The group ventures to Pamplona for the running of the bulls, and against that colorful backdrop, the emotional tension rises as each of the men pursues Gardner and she opts to attach herself to a handsome young matador (Robert Evans). Beautifully rendered locations and slyly charming support from Flynn make this particularly enjoyable. Power has more trouble portraying restless youth; this was his next-to-last film and he died the following year. Gardner evidently liked the setting. After divorcing Frank Sinatra in 1957, she returned to Madrid and took up with famous matadors herself.

Before filming got underway Ava Gardner slipped a copy of the film script of The Sun Also Rises to Hemingway, who was so distraught that he threatened to sue the studio. Eventually the screenplay was re-written by Hemingway and Peter Viertel.

production details
USA | Twentieth Century Fox | 130 minutes | 1957
Director: Henry King
Script: Ernest Hemingway, Peter Viertel,

Eddie Albert as Bill Gorton
Mel Ferrer as Robert Cohn
Ava Gardner as Lady Brett Ashley
Henry Daniell as Doctor
Robert Evans as Pedro Romero
Tyrone Power as Jake Barnes
Errol Flynn as Mike Campbell
Gregory Ratoff as Count Mippipopolous
Juliette Gréco as Georgette Aubin
Marcel Dalio as Zizi
Bob Cunningham as Harris
Danik Patisson as Marie