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Sweet Liberty (Universal 1986, Alan Alda, Michelle Pfeiffer)



Alan Alda wrote, directed, and stars in this comedy as a college history professor who watches in dismay as a Hollywood movie company turns his small town upside down in an attempt to make a film of his own prize-winning book about the American Revolution. Alda finds himself getting romantically involved with the movie’s luminous leading lady (Michelle Pfeiffer), while his longtime girlfriend is simultaneously being courted by another star (Michael Caine, irresistible in his charming narcissism). Also on hand are comic foil Bob Hoskins as a resolutely corruptible screenwriter and the great Lillian Gish as Alda’s adorably dotty mother.

‘Sweet Liberty’ co-star Lillian Gish, the ‘First Lady of the Silent Screen,’ began her phenomenal film career in 1912 when she was introduced to legendary director D.W. Griffith by a family friend, Gladys Smith, who had recently changed her name to Mary Pickford.

production details
USA | Universal | 106 minutes | 1986

Director: Alan Alda
Producer: Martin Bregman
Director of Photography: Frank Tidy
Editor: Michael Economou
Music: Bruce Broughton
Script: Alan Alda
Production Design: Ben Edwards

Michelle Pfeiffer as Faith Healy
Lillian Gish as Cecelia Burgess
Michael Caine as Elliott James
Lois Chiles as Leslie
Alan Alda as Michael Burgess
Bob Hoskins as Stanley Gould
Saul Rubinek as Bo Hodges