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Taras Bulba (UA 1962, Yul Brynner, Tony Curtis)



Yul Brynner stars in the title role of this historical adventure based on the 1835 story by Nikolai Gogol. Brynner is the famed Cossack leader who helps the Polish army defeat the Turks only to be betrayed by them. Tony Curtis costars as Andrei, the headstrong son of Bulba who falls in love with a Polish noblewoman and is caught between the two now feuding countries. The lively score by Franz Waxman was nominated for an Academy Award.

During the filming of Taras Bulba, Tony Curtis met Christine Kaufman, the actress who plays Natalia Dubrov. Curtis and Kaufman married in 1963 and had two daughters before divorcing in 1967.

production details
USA | United Artists | 122 minutes | 1962

Director: J. Lee Thompson
Producer: Harold Hecht
Cinematography: Joseph MacDonald
Editors: Gene Milford, William Reynolds
Music: Franz Waxman
Script: Joseph MacDonald, Waldo Salt, Karl Tunberg
Art Direction: Edward Carrere

Sam Wanamaker as Filipenko
Tony Curtis as Andrei Bulba
Yul Brynner as Taras Bulba
Abraham Sofaer as Abbott
Guy Rolfe as Prince Grigory
Brad Dexter as Shilo
Mickey Finn as Korzh
Perry Lopez as Ostap Bulba
Christine Kaufmann as Natlaia Dubrov
George Macready as Governor
Ilka Windish as Sofia Bulba
Vladimir Sokoloff as Old Stephen
Vladimir Irman as Grisha Kubenko
Daniel Ocko as Ivan Mykola
Richard Rust as Capt. Alex
Ron Weyand as Tymoshevsky
Vitina Marcus as Gypsy Princess