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Tattoo (1981, Bruce Dern, Maud Adams)



This crime thriller offers a variation on William Wyler’s The Collector (1965). For an ad campaign, mentally unstable tattoo artist Karl Kinski (Bruce Dern) is hired to do fake tattoos on fashion model Maddy (Maud Adams), but his obsession for Maddy prompts him to abduct her and turn her into a captive canvas for his artwork.

Tattoo was scripted by Joyce Bunuel, the daughter-in-law of famed filmmaker Luis Bunuel.

production details
USA | Twentieth Century Fox | 103 minutes | 1981

Director: Bob Brooks
Producers: Robert F. Colesberry, Joseph E. Levine, Richard Levine
Directors of Photography: Arthur Ornitz, Michael Seresin
Editor: Thom Noble
Music: Barry De Vorzon
Script: Bob Brooks, Joyce Bunuel
Production Design: Stuart Wurtzel

Leonard Frey as Halsey
John Getz as Buddy
Maud Adams as Maddy
Cynthia Nixon as Cindy
Bruce Dern as Karl Kinsky
Frederikke Borge as Sandra
Peter Iacangelo as Dubin
Alan Leach as Customer
Trish Doolan as Cheryl
Anthony Mannino as George
Lex Monson as Dudley
Patricia Roe as Doris
Jane Hoffman as Teresa
Robert Burr as Ralph
John Snyder as Hawker
Anne Andersen as Carol (model)