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Teenage Caveman (2001, Andrew Keegan, Richard Hillman)



In a post-apocalyptic society, survivors are reduced to Stone Age life, living in caves. The elders ban sex to keep numbers down (except for themselves) but when David (Andrew Keegan) kills the shaman, he and a small band of teenagers are forced to flee. Lost in a storm, they find themselves rescued by Neil and Judith (Richard Hillman and Tiffany Limos), who take them to their luxury apartment, which has miraculously survived the apocalypse. Soon, drugs, booze and sex in the hot tub are the order of the day, but Neil and Judith harbour a terrible secret about their survival, one that will have deadly consequences for David and his group…

Teenage Caveman was a quickie originally made in 1958 by Roger Corman, but in 2001 it and other films grouped under the title Creature Features were re-made for cable TV, with Larry Clark taking the helm. Clark being Clark, there are the obligatory sex scenes, but he also explores issues raised in Bully and Kids , with the teenagers at odds with the older generation and the perils they run in going their own way, while the obligatory appearance of the monster at the end is satisfyingly gory. Tiffany Limos went on to appear in Clark’s Ken Park.

production details
USA | 90 minutes | 2002

Director: Larry Clark
Writer: Christos N Gage

Andrew Keegan as David
Tara Subkoff as Sarah
Richard Hillman as Neil
Tiffany Limos as Judith
Stephen Jasso as Vincent