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Ten Tall Men (1951, Burt Lancaster, Jody Lawrance)



Lively spoof Foreign Legion adventure with Burt Lancaster as a Legion sergeant leading nine men on a dangerous mission to prevent a Riff attack on a desert fort.

production details
USA | 97 minutes | 1951

Director: Willis Goldbeck
Script: Roland Kibbee, Frank Davis, James Warner Bellah, Willis Goldbeck,

Burt Lancaster as Sergeant Mike Kincaid
Jody Lawrance as Mahla
Gilbert Roland as Corporal Luis Delgado
Kieron Moore as Corporal Pierre Molier
George Tobias as Londos
Michael Pate as Browning
Robert Clary as Mossul
John Dehner as Jardine
Nick Dennis as Mouse
Mike Mazurki as Roshko
Gerald Mohr as Kayeed Hussein
Ian MacDonald as Lustig
Mari Blanchard as Marie DeLatour
Donald Randolph as Yussif
Henry Rowland as Kurt
John George as Tovic (uncredited)