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The Croods: A New Age (2020, Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone)



After leaving their cave, the Croods encounter their biggest threat since leaving: another family called the Bettermans, who claim and show to be better and evolved. Grug grows suspicious of the Betterman parents, Phil and Hope, as they secretly plan to break up his daughter Eep with her loving boyfriend Guy to ensure that their daughter Dawn has a loving and smart partner to protect her.


Nicolas Cage (Grug Crood (voice)), Emma Stone (Eep Crood (voice)), Ryan Reynolds (Guy (voice)), Peter Dinklage (Phil Betterman (voice)), Leslie Mann (Hope Betterman (voice)), Kelly Marie Tran (Dawn Betterman (voice)), Catherine Keener (Ugga Crood (voice)), Clark Duke (Thunk Crood (voice)), Randy Thom (Sandy Crood (voice)), Cloris Leachman (Gran Crood (voice)), Chris Sanders (Belt (voice)), Tara Strong (Sash (voice)),


Director: Joel Crawford

US / 95 minutes / 2020