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The Desperadoes (1943, Randolph Scott, Claire Trevor)The Desperadoes (1943, Randolph Scott, Claire Trevor)


The Desperadoes (1943, Randolph Scott, Claire Trevor)



Columbia Pictures first excursion into Technicolor, muscular western The Desperadoes stars Randolph Scott as Steve Upton, sheriff of a small town in Utah. He’s friends with reformed outlaw Cheyenne Rogers (Glenn Ford) but when Rogers rides into town on a visit just when the local bank is robbed, he’s the prime suspect. Upton, convinced of his friend’s innocence, springs his pal from gaol and the two set out to track down and bring to justice the real culprits.

Charles Vidor, better known as King Vidor, brought together two actors then synonymous with tough roles and added Claire Trevor and Evelyn Keyes (who went on to marry Vidor in 1943) as the love interest for each. Also in the mix are Edgar Buchanan as the town postmaster who’s really the mastermind behind the robbery and Porter Hall as the conniving banker. There’s also a spectacular wild horse stampede and a classic bar-room brawl, and aficionados of the genre should watch out for cameos from Francis Ford, Bud Osborne and Glenn Strange, all veterans of the western.

production details
USA / Columbia / 87 minutes / 1943

Director:Charles Vidor
Writers:Robert Carson, Max Brand,

Randolph Scott as Sheriff Steve Upton
Claire Trevor as Countess Maletta
Glenn Ford as Cheyenne Rogers
Evelyn Keyes as Allison McLeod
Edgar Buchanan as Uncle Willie McLeod
Guinn Williams as Nitro Rankin
Raymond Walburn as Judge Cameron
Porter Hall as Banker Clanton
Irving Bacon as Dan Walters – Bartender (uncredited)
Francis Ford as Hank (uncredited)
Edward Hearn as Armed Townsman (uncredited)
Edward Pawley as Deputy Blackie (uncredited)
Glenn Strange as Lem – Jack’s Gang Member (uncredited)
Slim Whitaker as Tolliver – Jack’s Gang Member (uncredited)
Joan Woodbury as Sundown (uncredited)


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